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AZ-100T01: Managing Subscriptions and Resources

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1 Days
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  • Course Overview
  • This course teaches how to manage an Azure subscription, including access, policies, compliance. How to track & estimate service usage & related costs, user and group accounts. Grant appropriate access to Azure AD users, groups, & services with Role-based access control (RBAC). Discover the core monitoring tools & capabilities like Azure Alerts & Activity Log. Log Analytics is a broad data analytics solution for queries & analyzing operational data. Azure Resource Manager deployment model works with resources, resource groups & ARM templates.

    This course is the first in the series for the Azure Admin exams, there is a lot of foundational content covered to prepare students for the remaining courses in the curriculum. The lesson covers tips & tricks for working in the Azure portal, and an intro to key tools used in the Azure environment, like the Cloud Shell & Resource Explorer. Emphasis is laid on PowerShell & the command line interface (CLI) as important skills to acquire.
  • Audience
  • This course is for Azure Administrators. Azure Administrators manage the cloud services that span storage, networking, and compute cloud capabilities, with a deep understanding of each service across the full IT lifecycle. They take end-user requests for new cloud applications and make recommendations on services to use for optimal performance and scale, as well as provision, size, monitor and adjust as appropriate. This role requires communicating and coordinating with vendors. Azure Administrators use the Azure Portal and as they become more proficient they use PowerShell and the Command Line Interface.


  • Successful Cloud Administrators start this role with experience on operating systems, virtualization, cloud infrastructure, storage structures, and networking.
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