Course Code: 5686

HTML5 and CSS3 Foundations

Class Dates:
3 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This 3-day course teaches beginner-level HTML in a rather fundamentalist way. You will learn the basics of programming with HTML5 and begin building your first standards-based web pages from the ground up. creating the page layout with HTML, stylizing the page with CSS, and populating the page with content including graphics such as images, audio, and videos.

  • Audience
  • This course is designed for non-programmers who are brand-new to HTML such as tech savvy middleschoolers, highschoolers, college students, hobbiests, and self-educators.


  • You are expected to have basic computer literacy skills and be able to use the operating system on your PC and how to perform basic funtions such as:
    • Manage Files
    • Open Applications
    • Open a Web Browser for Internet Access

Course Details

  • Introduction
  • Part I: Getting Started with HTML
  • HTML Basics: The Least You Need to Know
  • Setting Up the Document Structure
  • Formatting Text with Tags
  • Using Lists and Backgrounds
  • Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors
  • Part II: Style Sheets and Graphics
  • Introduction to Style Sheets
  • Formatting Text with CSS
  • Formatting Paragraphs with CSS
  • Inserting Graphics
  • Part III: Page Layout and Navigation
  • Creating Navigational Aids
  • Creating Division-Based Layouts
  • Creating Tables
  • Formatting Tables
  • Creating User Forms
  • Incorporating Sound and Video
  • HTML and Microsoft Expression Web
  • Designing
  • Designing for Usability
  • Designing for Accessibility