Course Code: 353

Customer Service: How to Provide Quality Service

Class Dates:
1/2 Days
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  • Course Overview
  • There's more to customer service than polite words like "Please and Thank you." You have to mean it. You have to truly want to serve customers. That doesn't mean give in to every demand. It means putting on your "Can Do" hat and working with customers to resolve their issues and earn their business.

    This interactive workshop will focus on successful strategies for building and maintaining a solid customer base. We'll help you find ways to better understand the needs of your customers, handle complaints and difficult customers, and anticipate your customer's needs. Customer service is the foundation on which success and profitability can be built. After all, it's easier to keep customers than to find new ones.

  • Audience
  • Everyone in an organization has something to do with customers daily. This class is ideal for Customer Service Representatives, Account Representatives, Managers and Supervisors. The principles covered in this course should be applied for internal and external customers alike.


  • There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Details

  • Winning with the Customer
  • Do You Have What It Takes to Win with the Customer?
  • Comparing Customer Service to a Refrigerator
  • What Is Quality Customer Service?
  • Four Reasons Why Quality Service Is Important
  • Adopting a Customer Service Perspective
  • Why Winning at Customer Service Is Important to You
  • Transmit a Positive Attitude
  • Be Attentive to Your Appearance
  • Monitor the Sound of Your Voice
  • Use the Telephone Effectively
  • Stay Energized
  • Identify Customer Needs
  • Understand Basic Needs
  • Be Aware of Timing Requirements
  • Stay One Step Ahead of Your Customers
  • Remain Attentive
  • Practice Skillful Listening
  • Obtain Feedback
  • Provide for the Needs of Your Customers
  • What Are the Characteristics of the Services You Provide?
  • Meet Basic Needs
  • Perform Important Back-Up Duties
  • Send Clear Messages
  • Say the Right Thing
  • Sell Your Organization's Uniqueness
  • Meet the Computer Challenge
  • Prepare for the Unexpected
  • Make Sure Your Customers Return
  • Handle Complaints Effectively
  • Get Difficult Customers on Your Side
  • Take That One Extra Service Step
  • Assess Your Customer Service Skills
  • Service Provider Self-Assessment Scale