Course Code: 27391

Microsoft Office 365 Training

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • What you will Learn: Services of Office 365 * Exchange * Skype for Business * Microsoft Teams * SharePoint * OneDrive for Business * Outlook * Office Professional or Professional Plus applications for desktop * Office Web and Mobile Apps * Security, transparency, compliance, and privacy.
  • Audience
  • This course is intended for individuals who are interested in the foundational knowledge and skills in Office.


Course Details

  • Understanding Office 365
  • Technical requirements
  • Microsoft Office and its versions
  • Overview of the services of Office 365
  • Exchange, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint, OneDrive for Business
  • Office Professional or Professional Plus applications for desktop
  • Office Web and Moble apps
  • Security, transparency, compliance and privacy
  • Understanding More about Office 365
  • The home page, The suite bar
  • The app launcher/switcher
  • The Office 365 Link
  • Notifications, Settings, your profile picture
  • Configuring your personal settings
  • Themes, Start page, Your app settings
  • Licensing
  • Managing Microsoft Exchange
  • Understanding Exchange
  • Background and History of Exchange
  • Getting into Exchange Oneline
  • Outlook via the Office 365 Home, App launcher
  • Parts of Exchange Onlne
  • Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks
  • Sending and Receiving Email
  • Using the Exchange Calendar
  • Using Contacts in Exchange, Contacts in Outlook
  • Getting Familiar with Other Exchange Settings
  • Creating an Email Signature, Setting the out of office reply
  • Creating Email Rules, Forwarding email
  • Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • Understanding Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Teams, Parts of Skype for Business, personal note, Presence, Location and Photo
  • The contacts, conversations, and meeting tabs
  • The Parts of Teams, Search box, Your profile Picture, New Chat, Navigation, Menu
  • How to get into Skype for Business and Teams
  • Using Skype for Business, Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb
  • Working with Contacts, Instant Messaging, Text Box
  • Initiating Calls, Working in meetings, Sending a meeting invite
  • Using Microsoft Teams, Available, busy, Do not disturb, working with contacts
  • Instant messaging, Initiating calls,
  • Working in your Teams, Channels panel, Privacy indicator
  • Join or create a Team, Manage team settings, Sending a meeting invite
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Understanding OneDrive for Business
  • Getting into OneDrive for Business
  • Parts of OneDrive, Search box, Navigation, Sites Navigation
  • View Options and detail pane, Main window
  • Working with Files in Your OneDrive for Business
  • Adding new files, creating new files, uploading files
  • Editing, deleting files.
  • Parts of the Office Online file, Open in the full desktop version
  • AutoSave, Easy way to rename file, The simplified ribbon
  • Sharing files, giving access, editing or removing access
  • Move to, Copy to
  • Collaborating Using SharePoint
  • Understanding SharePoint
  • Getting Into SharePoint Online
  • The SharePoint home, Search, Navigation
  • Creation options, Message, News from sites, Frequent sites, Site card, Get the mobile app
  • Navigating SharePoint, Office 365 suite bar, Settings, Help, Promoted actions bar,Web parts
  • Working with SharePoint Lists, What are Lists?
  • The different list types, Communications, Tracking, Custom lists
  • What is a List View? Adding items, Editing items, Adding/editing /deleting items in the calendar view
  • Performing Different File Operations on SharePoint
  • What are Libraries? the different library types, Document, Form, Picture, Wiki page
  • Using the Document Library, Adding Files, Creating new files, editing, deleting files
  • Share files, giving access, editing or removing access
  • More of Using SharePoint
  • Edit Mode
  • Exporting to Excel
  • Creating a link, Alerts, Creating Alerts, Managing Alerts
  • More on Views, Creating a personal view, Switching between views
  • The different ways you can find data
  • How to use list/library filtering, searching, search sites in SharePoint
  • Searching via the SharePoint home
  • Site Contents
  • The recycle bin, The danger of the Share button
  • SharePoint permissions and what they allow you to do
  • How to request access