Course Code: 26384

Learn Microsoft Office 2021

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This course covers the Microsoft Office Suite, Word, OneDrive, Office 365, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook,
  • Audience
  • This course is intended for individuals who are interested in the foundational knowledge and skills in Office.


  • No prerequisites are necessary. Computer knowledge recommended.

Course Details

  • Learning Word
  • Exploring the New Interface and Manage OneDrive
  • Dictation, Co-Authoring, and Embedding
  • Sharing Documents with others, Adding Comments to a shared document
  • Embedding Videos into Word
  • Converting Word Documents into PowerPoint slides
  • Styles, Referencing, and Media
  • Viewing a document in the Draft view, Adding the Style pane
  • The Table of Contents feature in Word for the web
  • Stock Images, Coloring using Hex values
  • Managing Professional Documents
  • Inserting and modifying section breaks, Headers and footers
  • Construction online forms, Recording document automation, Creating Macros, Running & editing macros
  • Learning PowerPoint
  • PowerPoint Interface and Presentation Options
  • Stock Images, Transparency, Linking to a Slide
  • Saving & Collaborating presentations, Setting print options & Layouts
  • Using view and zoom options, Setting presentation zoom options
  • Formatting Slides, Charts, and Graphic Elements
  • Adding new slides, duplicating selected slides, Deleting multiple slides simultaneously
  • Inserting and outline and an agenda, reusing presentation slides
  • Working with text, shapes and objects
  • Formatting textboxes, Rotating objects Using the Selection pane
  • Modifying Charts Applying & Modifying themes Inserting audio & video
  • Photo Albums, Sections, and Show Tools
  • Applying animations and transitions, hyperlinks, actions and comments
  • Learning Excel
  • Importing data from a pdf, Updating Excel on the web, Collaborating using Sheet View
  • Filtering using Advanced Filter, Conditional formating functions
  • Setting up a validation rul, conditional, formating rule
  • Importing , cleaning, joining and separating data, importing datasets
  • Exploring New and Useful Workflow Functions, Constructing an array formula to calculate a total
  • Using the array IF Function, Evaluating array formulas
  • Investingating new functions, Building IFS functions, on VLOOKUP,
  • Exporing database functions, Using the COUNTIFS
  • Date-Time Functions and Enhancing PivotTable Dashboards
  • Working with time, Enhancing PivotTables, Creating Dashboards, Using slicers and timelines,
  • Usful Statistical and Mathmatical Functions,
  • Outlook and Useful Communication Tools
  • Using the To-Do Bar, message pane to display folder items
  • Previewing Outlook Items
  • Manipulating Outlook program options, Inbox option, Investigating mail options, Turning off email notifications
  • Working with views, filtering and printing
  • Changing the view type, using the focused inbox option, Reminders Window, Printing Outlook items
  • Creating and sending email messages, Specifying a message theme, Showing/hiding the From and Bcc Field
  • Managing Mail and Contacts, Cleaning up the mailbox, managing rules
  • Managing juk mail and automatic message content, block sender
  • Creating contact information, Creating and manipulating contact groups
  • Calendar Objects, Tasks Notes, and Journal Entries
  • Difference between meetings, events, and appointments
  • Modifying metting requests, update a meeting, creating and managing tasks
  • .
  • Creating and Managing Online meetings
  • Creating and Managing Channels
  • Setting Teams and Channel notifications
  • Presenting and Collaborating Online, Presenting PowerPoint options and using PowerPoint Live
  • Collaborating and file sharing, uploading files to channels, working with new sheet views