Course Code: 25378

TestOut Routing & Switching Pro for Cisco (CCNA 200-301)

Class Dates:
365 Days
Class Time:
Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • Routing & Switching Pro is a high-quality, all-in-one e-learning curriculum that is easy to use and will provide instructors with the hands-on training needed to prepare students for an IT career. Hosted on the online TestOut learning platform, LabSim, it provides a comprehensive experience and hours of content for training practical skills through interactive learning modules. Instructional lessons are combined with instructor-led videos, demonstrations, quizzes, practice exams, and performance-based lab simulations to provide hours of content to prepare students for the Cisco CCNA 200-301 certification exam.

    LabSim is ideal for learning routing and switching technology in a variety of classroom formats; self-paced, in person, online, hybrid, and flipped. As an online resource, it also works with PCs, Macs, laptops, and Chrome books.

  • Audience
  • When used in a classroom environment, LabSim empowers instructor and administrator success by providing easy-to-use course management tools, LMS integration, a comprehensive suite of instructor resources, and reporting and analytics options which make tracking student progress effective and efficient.

    Engaging video lessons and text lessons teach essential routing and switching skills
    Section quizzes help gauge how well students retain what they have learned
    Performance-based labs simulations provide application to real-world scenarios such as using command line interface for IPv4 and IPv6 routing and WAN implementations
    Labs and assessments (custom and certification practice exams) provide detailed feedback reports and scores
    Automatic grading and teaching resources help guide the classroom experience
    Exam practice for Cisco CCNA 200-301 includes Readiness Reports, Domain Exams, and full-length exams that emulate the real


Course Details

  • Topics Covered
  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Routing and Switching Pro
  • Chapter 2: Networking Concepts
  • Chapter 3: Cisco Devices
  • Chapter 4: IP Addressing
  • Chapter 5: Switching
  • Chapter 6: IPv4 Routing
  • Chapter 7: IPv4 Routing Protocols
  • Chapter 8: IPv6 Routing
  • Chapter 9: Wireless Networks
  • Chapter 10: WAN Implementation
  • Chapter 11: Advanced Switching
  • Chapter 12: Access Controls Lists
  • .
  • Chapter 13: Network Management
  • Chapter 14: Network Security
  • Chapter 15: Cryptography
  • TestOut Routing & Switching Pro - Practice Exams
  • Cisco CCNA 200-301– Practice Exams