Course Code: 2398

CSWAE - Certified Secure Web Application Engineer

Class Dates:
4 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • CSWAEs work to design information systems that are secure on the web. Organizations & governments fall victim to internet-based attacks every day. In many cases, web attacks could be thwarted but hackers, criminal gangs, and foreign agents are able to exploit web app weaknesses. A Secure Web programmer knows how to identify, mitigate and defend against all attacks through designing & building systems that are resistant to failure. With this course you will learn how to develop web apps that aren’t subject to common vulnerabilities, and how to test & validate apps so they are secure, reliable & resistant to attack.
    These secure coding skills are in desperate need today because the internet is one of the most dangerous places to do business; there are countless cases of valuable information being stolen from businesses due to vulnerabilities in their web apps. When programmers don't understand the principles of secure coding, doors are open to those who do.

    40 CPE Credits
  • Audience
  • The Certified Secure Web Application Engineer Certification Course is designed for those have a background in web application development and want to have the skill set to make their applications secure. While not required, we recommend being familiar with general cyber security topics, including those taught in our C)ISSO: Information Systems Security Officer course.

    Professional Roles:
    Software Engineer
    Web Application Engineers
    IS Managers
    Mobile App Developer
    Security Consultant


  • Suggested Prior Knowledge:
    • 24 months experience in software technologies and security
    • Sound knowledge of networking
    • At least one coding language
    • Linux understanding
    • Open shell