Course Code: 2394

CVA - Certified Vulnerability Assessor

Class Dates:
3 Days
Class Time:
Virtual Instructor-Led Training, Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • The Certified Vulnerability Assessor 3 -day course trains students to be proficient in conducting vulnerability assessments by: 1. Teaching the risk associated with information technology and why a vulnerability assessment is crucial to the continuing operations of a business. 2. Preparing students with the tools and knowledge of how to perform a vulnerability assessment. 3. Instructing students on how to summarize and report on their findings from a vulnerability assessment. Learn what vulnerabilities hackers look for when trying to hack into systems. After completing the course, students will be able to sit for the Certified Vulnerability Assessor exam. Upon passing the exam, students will be able to use the C)VA certification.

    24 CPE Credits

    Course Content With 7 up-to-date Modules, the Certified Vulnerability Assessor will teach you security best practices applicable to keeping the information you are entrusted with secure.
  • Audience
  • Who Should Attend:

    The C)VA is a course on cyber security designed for those who don't know anything about security but need to. We recommend this course for anyone who wants to be secure on the Internet, especially employees at work.

    After you complete the C)VA course and get certified, we recommend you to further develop your security skill-set by being certified as a C)ISSO: Certified Information Systems Officer, which will prepare you to advise businesses on security issues and implement solutions.

    Professional Roles:
    Employees and others needing to learn about security.


  • Prerequisites:
    An interest in security
    Basic Computer Experience

Course Details

  • Modules
  • Module 1: Why Vulnerability Assessment
  • Module 2: Vulnerability Types
  • Module 3: Assessing the Network
  • Module 4: Assessing Web Servers & Applications
  • Module 5: Assessing Remote & VPN Services
  • Module 6: Vulnerability Assessment Tools
  • Module 7: Output Analysis
  • Training Options
  • Instructor-led: Traditional classroom setting
  • Live-virtual Training: Connect remotely to the class being taught live.
  • Computer-based Training: Access the course through pre-recorded videos 24/7 at your convenience.