Course Code: 22368

55400 Microsoft Power BI for End Users

Class Dates:
2 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This 2 day course will take students who have little to no knowledge of Power BI to the point where they can create, publish and share rich reports and dashboards.

    At Course Completion

    You will know which Power BI tool to use for different projects.
    You will be able to connect to and maintain connections to data sources.
    You can query your data sources to refine the data you are pulling into your project.
    You can optimise a data model to enhance the performance of your reports.
    You will know how to use Data Analyses eXpression (DAX) language to create columns and measures.
    You can create dimensional hierarchies and plot geographical data.
    You can create engaging, visual reports from your data model.You’ll be able to publish your project to a workspace and manage it from the Power BI web service. You will be able to build dashboard to aggregate essential visuals from reports. You well be able to share your reports to colleagues.
  • Audience
  • This course is for students that are looking to learn how to use the range of Microsoft Power BI tools to refine and model their data into a visual and interactive format. Students considering adopting this course are not required to have any prerequisite knowledge of Power BI or experience working on data modelling related tasks.


  • No previous experience of Power BI is required

Course Details

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Power BI
  • What is business intelligence?
  • Introducing Power BI, Power BI tools and services
  • Power BI Report Server, Power BI (Online)
  • Power BI Desktop
  • Case studies
  • Support and information
  • Data stories
  • Lab 1: Getting Ready
  • Sign in to Office 365
  • Download course files
  • Place data sources into OneDrive
  • Create further user accounts
  • Module 2: Requirements Gathering
  • Welcome to House Rules Board Games
  • Beginning a BI project, Grain statements
  • Data discovery, Refining information
  • Modelling data, Building reports
  • Roles, Publishing, Creating dashboards
  • Choosing workspaces, Create and share a report in Power BI
  • Lab 1: Build a report in Power BI web
  • Connect to an Excel spreadsheet
  • Build visualisations
  • Create a dashboard for desktop and mobile users
  • Share your report and dashboard
  • Module 3: Extract, transform and load data
  • Creating a project with Power BI desktop
  • Pinning an active project, What is in a PBIX file?
  • Connecting to data sources, Managing data connections
  • Refine data with Power Query, Applied steps
  • M code language, Designing your query
  • Choose columns, Rename columns, Moving columns
  • Formatting columns, Replacing values
  • Expanding related columns, Star schemas, Merge columns, Split columns,
  • Lab 1: Starting a project in Power BI desktop
  • Creating a new PBIX project file, Connecting to data sources,
  • Review the table relationships
  • Optional – Connect to an Azure SQL database
  • Module 4: Creating a data model
  • Understanding relationships
  • Cardinality, Cross filter direction
  • Hiding tables and columns, Formatting columns
  • Introducing DAX, Designing calculated columns
  • Creating measures, Adding lookup tables
  • , Roles and row level security
  • Lab 1: Designing a data model
  • Hide and format table columns
  • Create measures
  • Using geographical data and lookup tables
  • Create a dimensional hierarchy
  • Module 5: Designing Reports
  • Adding pages and navigation buttons
  • Using shapes, text and images
  • Creating a theme, Adding visualisations,
  • Using filters and slicers, Controlling filters
  • Adding drill throughs, Adding custom visualisations
  • Configure phone layouts, Report tips
  • Lab 1: Creating a report
  • Creating new pages and adding basic content
  • Adding and configuring visualisations
  • Design slicers, Create bookmarks and navigational buttons
  • Module 6: Using workspaces and dashboards
  • Power BI licensing, My workspaces
  • App workspaces, Premium capacity workspaces
  • Creating a new workspace, Publishing a project
  • Parallels with Microsoft Excel, Publishers and viewers
  • Reconnecting with data sources, Introducing the on-premises data gateway
  • Scheduling the data refresh frequency, Assigning security roles
  • Creating and populating dashboards, Customising dashboard tiles
  • Creating tiles using Q&A and quick insights
  • Creating a mobile dashboard, Sharing reports and dashboards
  • Publishing apps in a workspace, Publishing content to websites
  • Lab 1: Publish and share reports and dashboards,
  • Publish your project to Power BI, Create a dashboard, Share your dashboard with marketing