Course Code: 20355

55283 Microsoft Office 365 Power User

Class Dates:
3 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This 3-day course provides detailed hands-on experience for companies looking to make the most of their Microsoft 365 licenses and the data they hold. This course looks at the different parts of Microsoft 365, including some that apps and features you may not be aware of. We will show you how you can utilise all these tools to get the full benefit of 365 as individuals and as a business. We will cover everything from the more familiar applications to the building of customised business solutions.

    At Course Completion

    You will be able to understand the various apps available to you through your subscription.
    You can prioritize which apps to use for various business scenarios.
    You will understand how the different apps integrate with each other.
    You will have hands on experience configuring and using the apps
    You will be able to make informed decisions based on your own business requirements.
  • Audience
  • The intended audience for this course are Power Users and Super users who will need to support the user base, advise on functionality and when to use what tool for the right collaboration need.


  • No previous experience of Office 365 is required

Course Details

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Office 365
  • What is Office 365?
  • Office 365 Plans
  • Office 365 Apps
  • Browser Support
  • Getting started – Login with Office 365
  • Update your Delve Profile
  • Lab 1: Getting started with Office 365
  • Login to Office 365
  • Update your Delve Profile
  • Module 2: Managing Content with OneDrive
  • Adding and organising content
  • Version History
  • Deleting and restoring files
  • File details
  • Synchronising files to the device
  • Lab 1: Managing Content with OneDrive
  • Create a folder
  • Create and change a file in the browser
  • Restore a previous version
  • Delete and restore a file
  • Share a file
  • Manage file sharing
  • Module 3: Working with Office Apps
  • Working with emails in Outlook online
  • Managing attachments
  • Meeting creation
  • Out of Office Rule
  • Word / Excel and PowerPoint Online
  • OneNote notebooks
  • Lab 1: Working with Office Apps
  • Create an email in Outlook online
  • Add an attachment to an email
  • Create a meeting
  • Set up an Out of Office Rule
  • Create a Word online Document
  • Module 4: Collaborate with SharePoint Online
  • Creating Team Sites
  • Working with Document Libraries
  • Adding metadata columns, Working with views
  • How to set an alert on a document library
  • Creating News Items, Communication sites
  • Editing pages, Adding Webparts to pages
  • Lab 1: Collaborating with SharePoint Online
  • Create a new Team site, Create a new Document Library
  • Add a column, Create a view, Setting up an alert
  • Create a news page, Create a Communication site
  • Edit the home page, Add a news web part
  • Module 5: Working together with Groups
  • Creating groups, Adding files
  • Using the Group Calendar, Adding members
  • Adding tasks to Planner, Using the One Note Notebook
  • Navigating to the SharePoint Site
  • Lab 1: Collaborating with Groups, Upload a file
  • Add a meeting to the group calendar, Add members
  • Add tasks to Planner, Navigate to the OneNote notebook
  • Module 6: Collaborate with Teams
  • Creating Teams, Adding members to the Team
  • Adding Channels, Chat vs Conversations
  • Adding files, Tabs, Scheduling Meetings
  • Lab 1: Collaborating with Teams
  • Create a new Team, Add members to the Team
  • Add a new Channel, Start a conversation within a Channel
  • Add some files, Create a Tab from a file
  • Schedule a new meeting in a Channel
  • Module 7: Working with Video using Stream
  • Uploading videos, Channels in Stream
  • Sharing content, Following Channels
  • Lab 1: Working with Video Using Stream
  • Upload a video to Stream, Create a Channel
  • Add your video to the Channel
  • Follow a Channel
  • Module 8: Engage Colleagues with Delve, Sway and Yammer
  • Searching for people in Delve, Following colleagues
  • Ways to create a sway, Sharing Sway
  • Yammer Groups, Yammer Discussions
  • Creating Polls in Yammer
  • Lab 1: Engage colleagues with Delve, Sway & Yammer
  • Navigate to Delve, Follow a colleague
  • Create a Sway from a word document
  • Share the Sway with a colleague
  • Set up a group in Yammer
  • Create a Poll
  • Module 9: Working with data using Power BI, PowerApps, Flow and Forms
  • What is Power BI and what does it look like
  • Using Connectors
  • Using Microsoft Forms
  • Using Flow and the Connectors available
  • Creating Mobile Apps with PowerApps
  • Lab 1: Working with data using Power BI, PowerApps, Flow & Forms
  • Look in Power BI and investigate some of the templates available to you
  • Create a feedback form
  • Create a Flow that sends an email based on your form