Course Code: 19352

Microsoft 365 OneNote Course

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • OneNote is Microsoft's note-taking and organizational application. This version of OneNote offers the same easy note-taking experience as other versions, with a refreshed look and feel. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable creating a new OneNote notebook, customizing the interface, entering information into OneNote from a variety of sources, and using OneNote's collaboration tools.

    The six lessons focus on:
    " Getting to know 365 OneNote
    " Adding content to a notebook
    " Using advanced tools
    " Managing files
    " Finalizing a notebook
    " Sharing notebooks and customizing OneNote
  • Audience
  • Microsoft Office 365 users


  • Knowledge of Computers

Course Details

  • Course outline
  • About This Course
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Course Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Lesson 1: Getting to Know 365 OneNote
  • TOPIC A: Navigate the 365 OneNote Environment
  • The OneNote Workspace
  • The Notebook, Containers, The OneNote Ribbon
  • Activity 1-1: Navigating the 365 OneNote Environment
  • TOPIC B: Create a Notebook
  • Opening Notebooks, Creating a New Notebook
  • The Notebook Properties Dialog Box
  • Sharing a Notebook, Restoring Notebook Backups
  • Closing a Notebook, Activity 1-2: Creating a Notebook
  • TOPIC C: Add Content Elements to a Notebook
  • Creating Pages, Creating Subpages, Creating Sections
  • Creating Section , Managing Pages, Sections, and Section Groups
  • .
  • Using Pre-Designed Templates
  • Activity 1-3: Adding Content Elements to a Notebook
  • TOPIC D: Use Viewing Tools
  • The View Tab, Docked Windows, Full Page View
  • Customize Ribbon Display
  • Activity 1-4: Using Viewing Tools
  • TOPIC E: Share and Collaborate on Notebooks
  • Microsoft OneDrive, Sharing a Notebook
  • Edit Notes in a Shared Notebook, Synchronize Changes
  • Use OneNote on Other Devices
  • Activity 1-5: Sharing and Collaborating on Notebooks
  • Summary, Review Questions
  • Lesson 2: Adding Content to a Notebook
  • TOPIC A: Modify Formatting in a Notebook
  • Styles, Text Formatting Options, The Format Painter
  • Paste Options, Create a List from Text
  • Activity 2-1: Modifying Formatting
  • TOPIC B: Add Images to a Notebook
  • Insert a Picture from a File, Insert Online Pictures, Insert a Screenshot
  • Set an Image as the Background
  • Add Stickers to a Page, Activity 2-2: Adding Images to a Notebook
  • TOPIC C: Add Tables to a Notebook
  • Inserting Tables, Using the Table Tab
  • Modifying the Table, Converting a Table to an Excel Spreadsheet
  • Activity 2-3: Adding Tables to a Notebook
  • .
  • TOPIC D: Add Audio and Video to a Notebook
  • Inserting an Audio or Video File from Your Computer
  • Inserting an Online Video, Recording an Audio File
  • Recording a Video File, Contextual Audio and Video Notes
  • Activity 2-4: Adding Audio and Video to a Notebook
  • Summary, Lesson 3: Using Advanced Tools
  • TOPIC A: Add Quick Notes and Links
  • Quick Notes, Linked Notes, Text Links
  • Wiki Links, Activity 3-1: Adding Quick Notes and Links
  • TOPIC B: Insert Symbols and Equations
  • Symbols, Equations, Ink to Math, Math Assistant
  • Activity 3-2: Inserting Symbols and Equations
  • .
  • TOPIC C: Use Drawing Tools
  • Touch Mode, Drawing Tools, Pen Mode
  • Ruler, Shape Tool, Eraser Tool, Ink to Shape or Text
  • Activity 3-3: Using Drawing Tools
  • TOPIC D: Use Tags
  • Tagging Content, Removing Tags from Content
  • Deleting a Tag, Creating Custom Tags
  • Searching for Tags
  • Activity 3-4: Using Tags
  • Summary, Review Questions
  • Lesson 4: Managing Files
  • TOPIC A: Work with Embedded Files
  • Inserting Excel Spreadsheets, Attaching Files
  • Inserting Printouts, Using Print to OneNote
  • Activity 4-1: Working with Embedded Files
  • TOPIC B: Export Content
  • Page and Section Export, Notebook Export
  • Password Protecting a Section, Activity 4-2: Exporting a Notebook
  • TOPIC C: Manage the Notebook Recycle Bin and Backups
  • The Notebook Recycle Bin, Notebook Backups
  • Activity 4-3: Managing the Notebook Recycle Bin and Backups
  • Summary, Review Questions
  • Lesson 5: Finalizing a Notebook
  • TOPIC A: Use Review and Research Tools
  • The Spell Checker, The Thesaurus
  • Smart Lookup, The Accessibility Checker
  • The Translator, Language Preferences
  • Activity 5-1: Using Review and Research Tools
  • TOPIC B: Search Notebooks
  • The Search Option, The Text Recognition Feature
  • Audio Search, Activity 5-2: Searching Notes
  • TOPIC C: Print Notes
  • The Page Setup Group, The Print Preview and Settings Dialog Box
  • Printing a Notebook,
  • Activity 5-3: Printing Notes, Summary, Review Questions
  • Lesson 6: Sharing Notebooks and Customizing OneNote
  • TOPIC A: Send a Notebook and Use Integrations
  • Sending Notes to Yourself, Sending OneNote Pages
  • Outlook Integration, Blog Integration
  • Activity 6-1: Sending a Notebook and Using Integrations
  • TOPIC B: Customize the Interface
  • The OneNote Options Dialog Box
  • Add a Command from the Ribbon to the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Using the Customize Quick Access Toolbar Menu
  • Quick Access Toolbar Customization Options in the OneNote Options Dialog Box
  • Ribbon Customization Options in the OneNote Options Dialog Box
  • Activity 6-2: Customizing the Interface
  • Summary, Review Questions
  • Lesson Labs
  • Lesson Lab 1-1
  • Lesson Lab 1-2
  • Lesson Lab 2-1
  • Lesson Lab 2-2
  • Lesson Lab 3-1
  • Lesson Lab 3-2
  • Lesson Lab 4-1
  • Lesson Lab 5-1
  • Lesson Lab 5-2
  • Lesson Lab 6-1
  • Post-Course Assessment
  • Course Summary