Course Code: 19331

Google Workspace

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • Whether you are new to Google Workspace or you are a power user, this course will give you a a comprehensive, in-depth learning experience. In this 2 day course you will cover the practical applications with case studies. You will be exposed AppScript and custom development, user gaps and use Workspace effectively.

  • Audience
  • Google Users


Course Details

  • Lesson 1: Getting Started - Google Workspace
  • Introduction to Google Workspace
  • The evolution of Google
  • Gmail, Google Docs and Google Drive
  • Google Apps for Business, G Suite to Google Workspace
  • Carbon-neutral data centers
  • Google Workspace - what's included
  • Additional Google services in Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace licensing models
  • Google Workspace Education editions
  • Google Workspace Business editions
  • Google Workspace Enterprse editions
  • Choosing the right Domain host versus Google workspace
  • Configuring Users and Apps
  • Google Clud Identity and Admin roles
  • Cloud Identity features, Cloud Identity editions
  • Adding users to Cloud identity, Deleting users
  • Using Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS)
  • Managing licenses, How to enable automatic license assignment?
  • How to manually assign licenses to users?
  • Configuring applications in Workspace
  • Google Workspace core services
  • Google additional services
  • Enabling Gmail.
  • Sharing resource via Calendar
  • Lesson 3. Application Security
  • Context-Aware Access using Cloud Identity
  • Configuring Context-Aware Access
  • End-user security, password monitoring
  • 2-step verification, Single sign-on, Password vaulted apps
  • Secure LDAP
  • Google apps security: gmail, Google Drive
  • Calendar, Google Chat, Google Meet
  • Sites, Vault, Other services, Marketplace apps
  • Lesson 4. Automated Security Auditing
  • Google Workspace security center
  • Security Health, Security dashboard
  • Security investigation tool
  • Data loss prevention, Creating a rule from a template Alert Center
  • Segregation of data by regions Endpoint management
  • Mobile management
  • Automated device management
  • Lesson 5. Beyond Workspace
  • Google Classroom
  • Enabling Google Classroom, Managing Google Classroom settings
  • Grades and Rosters, Student unenrollment
  • Google Workspace Marketplace Apps
  • Managing Marketplace apps
  • Add-ons for Google Workspace services
  • Access control for third-party applications
  • Google Assistant for Google Workspace, Nest Hub,
  • Using third-party clients
  • Enabling access for mail clients, Using Google Workspace Sync for Microsoft Outlook (GWSMO)
  • Lesson 6. Designing Custom Applications
  • Apps Script
  • Hello World!, Code editor, Macros
  • Creating a custom menu item, Interactions with the Gmal and Sheet APIs
  • Using Google Forms with Apps Script
  • Adding Apps Script for Google Docs
  • Creating a web application using Apps Script
  • Apps Script security and best practices
  • AppSheet
  • Enabling AppSheet
  • Build an app using AppSheet
  • Lesson 7. Migrating Data
  • Data transfers within Google Workspace
  • User life cycle changes, Suspending Users
  • Archiving users
  • Transferring user data, Google Drive content Google Takeout
  • Data migration from external sources, Data Migration service
  • Migrating a large amount of user data
  • Preparing the Workspace doman
  • Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Exchange