Course Code: 19323

Photoshop CS Basic Image Enhancement - Level 1

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • In this course, you will learn to use several tools for selecting parts of images, and will move, duplicate, and resize images. You will learn to use layers, and to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects, including lighting and texture effects. Additionally, you will use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects, and will perform adjustments to contrast and color balance. You will save images in formats for print and Web use.


  • Prerequisites: We designed Photoshop CS: Basic Image Enhancement for the student who has little or no experience using Adobe Photoshop, and who needs to learn the basic skills that are necessary in order to begin to use this program effectively.

    Before taking this course, you should have a basic understanding of your computer's operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, and copy files from CDs and other media.

Course Details

  • Performance-Based Objectives
  • Identify the differences between raster and vector graphics; identify Photoshop® environment elements; and navigate in the Photoshop® environment.
  • Select appropriate resolutions for different image and output types; and resize and crop image areas.
  • Select image areas using the Lasso, Marquee, and Magic Wand tools; and use alpha channels to save and load selections.
  • Create and manipulate multiple layers to composite images easily.
  • Apply blending and shading effects to create realistic composites.
  • Identify the image mode characteristics, channels and bit depth;
  • identify attributes that distinguish grayscale mode from bitmap mode;
  • identify attributes that distinguish each color mode.
  • Select colors using the Color palette, Color Picker, and Eyedropper tool
  • use Photoshop's painting tools to create artwork or to retouch photographs; and use the Clone Stamp tool to duplicate parts of an image.
  • Add and format text within an image; apply layer effects and filters to create special effects including lighting effects and textures; and merge layers.
  • Modify the brightness, contrast, color balance, hue, and saturation of images.,Save images in file formats for use with other applications and the Web.
  • Lesson 1: Photoshop's Environment
  • Topic 1A: Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Topic 1B: Photoshop Environment Elements
  • Topic 1C: Navigating in Photoshop
  • Lesson 2: Sizing Images
  • Topic 2A: Image Size and Resolution
  • Topic 2B: Cropping
  • Lesson 3: Selecting Image Areas
  • Topic 3A: Selecting Image Areas with the Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tools
  • Topic 3B: Selecting Image Areas with the Lasso Tools
  • Topic 3C: Save Selections
  • Topic 3D: Selecting Image Areas with the Magic Wand Tool
  • Topic 3E: Selecting Image Areas with the Magnetic Lasso Tool
  • Topic 3F: Modifying Selections
  • Lesson 4: Creating Image Composites
  • Topic 4A: Floating Versus Fixed Selections
  • Topic 4B: Undoing Previous Steps
  • Topic 4C: Copying Selections
  • Topic 4D: Creating Layers
  • Topic 4E: Transforming Layers
  • Topic 4F: Copying Layers Between Images
  • Topic 4G: Saving Images in Photoshop Format
  • Topic 4H: Arranging Layers
  • Lesson 5: Blending Composite Images
  • Topic 5A: Defringing
  • Topic 5B: Simulating Transparency with Opacity and Blending Modes
  • Topic 5C: Feathering Edges
  • Lesson 6: Image Modes
  • Topic 6A: Mode Characteristics
  • Topic 6B: Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
  • Topic 6C: Color Modes
  • Lesson 7: Color and Painting
  • Topic 7A: Selecting Colors
  • Topic 7B: Painting Tools
  • Topic 7C: Cloning Image Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool
  • Lesson 8: Enhancing Images with Text and Special Effects
  • Topic 8A: Type Layers
  • Topic 8B: Layer Effects
  • Topic 8C: Filters
  • Topic 8D: Merging and Flattening Layers
  • Lesson 9: Adjusting Images
  • Topic 9A: Levels Adjustment Layers
  • Topic 9B: Toning Tools
  • Topic 9C: Hue/Saturation
  • Lesson 10: Saving Completed Images
  • Topic 10A: Saving for Use in Print Applications
  • Topic 10B: Saving for the Web