Course Code: 19299

MS-220 - Troubleshoot Microsoft Exchange Online

Class Dates:
3 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This course teaches you how to solve a broad range of problems that can arise in organizations using Microsoft Exchange Online. In this course, you’ll troubleshoot many aspects of Microsoft Exchange Online, including mail flow, compliance, recipient problems, and cloud/on-premises hybrid configurations.
  • Audience
  • The audience for this course is current or aspiring support engineers who work with customers and other stakeholders to understand the details of any Microsoft Exchange Online issues. They also interact with administrators and peers that work with other related technologies to troubleshoot and resolve issues.


  • Experience with PowerShell and the Exchange PowerShell module. Significant experience deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Exchange environments.

Course Details

  • Troubleshoot problems with mail flow
  • Introduction
  • Investigate problematic messages
  • Troubleshoot transport rules and conditional routing
  • Troubleshoot DNS issues
  • Investigate and repair SMTP issues
  • Troubleshoot problems with mail flow
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot message filtering in inboxes and Microsoft Defender for Office 365
  • Introduction
  • Diagnose problems caused by misconfigured or corrupted inbox rules.
  • Decide why message attachments are preventing message delivery.
  • Analyze why Exchange Online Protection has acted on a message.
  • Identify poorly configured spam filter policies.
  • Troubleshoot inbox rules
  • Troubleshoot message attachments
  • Investigate actions taken by Defender for Office 365
  • Troubleshoot spam filter policies
  • Troubleshoot message filtering
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot compliance and retention issues
  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot eDiscovery
  • Troubleshoot holds
  • Manage item deletion
  • Troubleshoot retention policies
  • Troubleshoot mail records management
  • Troubleshoot compliance retention issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot encryption, auditing, and journaling
  • Introduction
  • Diagnose why Exchange Online can't encrypt or decrypt messages as intended.
  • Ensure that sensitive actions on items and mailboxes create a secure audit log.
  • Discover why items are not reaching the Exchange Online journal.
  • Diagnose encryption problems
  • Troubleshoot mailbox auditing
  • Troubleshoot journaling
  • Troubleshoot encryption, auditing, and journaling
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot desktop Outlook clients
  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot Outlook connections to Exchange
  • Fix Outlook authentication issues
  • Troubleshoot calendars
  • Troubleshoot desktop Outlook clients
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot issues with mobile devices
  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot mobile devices that access Exchange Online
  • Troubleshoot ActiveSync
  • Troubleshoot mobile device issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues
  • Introduction
  • Provision objects without problems
  • Troubleshoot recipient issues
  • Troubleshoot address lists and address books
  • Investigate organization-wide settings
  • Troubleshoot public folder issues
  • Troubleshoot Exchange Online configuration issues
  • Knowledge check
  • Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues
  • Introduction
  • Troubleshoot setup and mail flow in hybrid configurations
  • Address other hybrid configuration problems
  • Ensure a smooth migration
  • Troubleshoot hybrid and migration issues
  • Knowledge check