Course Code: 19061

Oracle Database 19c PL/SQL Workshop

Class Dates:
5 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This is a complete course on PL/SQL including an introduction to Programming and Managing the PL/SQL code.
  • Audience
  • The target audience for this textbook is all Oracle professionals. Among the specific groups for whom this textbook will be helpful are:

    • Application designers and database developers
    • Database administrators
    • Web server administrators


  • Oracle Database SQL - Fundamentals (Levels I & II) or Oracle Database: SQL (Levels I, II & III) are recommended.

Course Details

  • Skills Gained
  • Get an overview of PL/SQL
  • Learn how to declare variables
  • Write executable statements
  • Learn how to use SQL statements in PL/SQL Programming
  • Course Outline
  • Declaring PL/SQL Variables
  • Writing Executable Statements
  • Using SQL Statements Within a PL/SQL Block
  • Writing Control Structures
  • Working with Composite Data Types
  • Using Explicit Cursors
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Creating Procedures and Functions
  • Debugging Subprograms
  • Creating and working with Packages
  • Using Oracle-Supplied Packages in Application Development
  • Using Dynamic SQL
  • .
  • Creating Compound, DDL, and Event Database Triggers
  • Design Considerations for the PL/SQL Code
  • Tuning the PL/SQL Compiler
  • Managing Dependencies
  • Using SQL Developer and SQL*Plus
  • Commonly Used SQL Commands
  • REF Cursors
  • Managing PL/SQL Code
  • Implementing Triggers
  • Using the DBMS_SCHEDULER and HTP Packages