Course Code: 19058

Beginning DevOps with Docker

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • The course outlines the power of containerization and the influence this innovation has on development teams and general operations. We also get to understand what DevOps really is, the principles involved and how the process contributes to product health, by implementing a Docker workflow.

    Docker is an open source containerization tool, that makes it easier to streamline product delivery and reduce the time it takes to get from a whiteboard sketch of the business to a money-back implementation.

    We will start by defining how Docker influences the DevOps process. We will then design and build simple containers, with a clear outline of how applications are involved in the process. Then we will define the key highlights when setting up multiple containers, while setting up a number using docker-compose, Docker's tool for running multi-container applications.
  • Audience
  • The course is crafted for developers, system architects, junior and mid-level site reliability engineers interested in adopting a Docker workflow. They are also required to have a basic knowledge of UNIX concepts such as ssh, ports and logs.


Course Details

  • Lesson 1: Images and Containers
  • How Docker Improves a DevOps Workflow
  • Basic Docker Terminal Commands
  • Dockerfile Syntax
  • Building Images
  • Running Containers From Images
  • Versioning Images and Docker Hub
  • Deploying a Docker Image to Docker Hub
  • Lesson 2: Application Container Management
  • The docker-compose Tool
  • Overview of a Multi-Container Application Setup
  • Managing Multiple Containers and Distributed Application Bundles
  • Networking with docker-compose
  • Lesson 3: Orchestration and Delivery
  • An Overview of Docker Swarm
  • Using Docker Engine to Create a Swarm
  • Managing Services and Applications in a Swarm
  • Scaling Services Up and Down