Course Code: 18942

The Business of Listening

Class Dates:
1/2 Days
Class Time:
Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • Most people listen at less than a quarter of their capacity. We're overwhelmed with information, pulled in different directions, and have usually not been taught the most essential listening skills. The truth is: the simple key to effective listening is wanting to be good at it. And anyone can do it with this learn as you go, self-paced book.
  • Audience
  • Professionals looking to increase their active listening skills.


Course Details

  • Module 1: Why Should You Listen?
  • What's in It for You?
  • What's in It for Your Organization?
  • 50 Reasons to Become a Better Listener
  • The Value of Small Change
  • Module 2: Four Key Elements of Good Listening
  • How to Be a Good Listener
  • Key Element 1: Hear the Message
  • Key Element 2: Interpret the Message
  • Key Element 3: Evaluate the Message
  • Key Element 4: Respond to the Message
  • Review Lab for Key Elements 1-4
  • Module 3: Your Listening Style
  • You Are Unique
  • The Promoting Style
  • The Supporting Style
  • The Directive Style
  • The Analytical Style
  • Module 4: What Is Your Listening Attitude?
  • A Listening Attitude: Your Key to Success
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Bridges to Communication
  • How Well Do You Listen?
  • How to Stop Bad Listening Habits
  • How to Help Someone Listen to You
  • Module 5: Ten Tips For Tip-Top Listening
  • Listen Louder
  • Tip 1: Take Notes
  • Tip 2: Listen Now, Report Later
  • Tip 3: Want to Listen
  • Tip 4: Stop Daydreaming
  • Tip 5: Anticipate Excellence
  • Tip 6: Become a "Whole Body" Listener
  • Tip 7: Build Rapport by Pacing the Speaker
  • Tip 8: Control Emotional Hot-Buttons
  • Tip 9: Control Distractions
  • Tip 10: Listening Is a Gift-Give Generously!