Course Code: 16902

SHP365.5 - Introduction to SharePoint for Office 365 Training revised -55262

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:
Instructor-Led Training, Virtual Instructor-Led Training


  • Course Overview
  • This 1-day Introduction to SharePoint for Office 365 class is for end users working in a SharePoint environment. It is an abbreviated version of our complete SharePoint for Office 365 End User class and is intended for people new to using SharePoint who will not be responsible for managing a SharePoint site.

    At Course Completion:
    Navigate a SharePoint Team Site.
    Create SharePoint lists.
    Customize SharePoint lists.
    Create SharePoint libraries.
    Manage library document versions.
    Create SharePoint list and library views.
    Integrate Office Outlook and Excel applications with SharePoint.
  • Audience
  • This course is intended for end users working in a SharePoint environment.


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Course Details

  • Module 1: SharePoint 365 Setup
  • This module explains how to set up the sample site for class.
  • Module 2: SharePoint 365 Introduction
  • SharePoint Online
  • Site Layout and Navigation
  • Lab 1: Team Site Navigation
  • Module 3: SharePoint List Basics
  • Creating Apps Using List Templates
  • Creating Lists
  • List Columns
  • Column Validation
  • Lab 1: Working with Team Site Lists
  • Lab 2: Create Custom Lists and Columns
  • Understand List Templates.
  • Work with default lists in a Team Site.
  • Create a new list from a List Template.
  • Create a custom list, Add columns to a list.
  • Control and validate input into list fields
  • Link data from separate lists
  • Module 4: Library Basics
  • Library Templates
  • Creating Libraries
  • Managing Documents and Versioning
  • Lab 1: Working with Team Site Libraries
  • Lab 2: Creating Libraries
  • Lab 3: Document Versioning
  • Create new libraries using library templates.
  • Work with the different libraries in a default Team Site.
  • Add columns to a library, Check out documents for editing.
  • Delete and restore documents from document libraries.
  • Enable versioning on a library.
  • Revert a library document to a an earlier version.
  • Module 5: Working with Lists and Library Views
  • Default Views
  • Custom Views
  • Lab 1: Working with Views
  • Lab 2: Creating Public and Personal Views
  • Use default views built into lists and libraries.
  • Create personal views
  • Create shared views.
  • Configure views.
  • Set the default view for a list or library.
  • Module 6: Working with Sites
  • Site Templates
  • Creating Sites
  • Site Navigation
  • Lab 1: Creating Team Sites
  • Lab 2: Creating a Blog Site
  • Understand what Site Templates are.
  • Understand different types of Site Templates that come "out of the box" with
  • Different versions of SharePoint.
  • Create a new site using Site Templates.
  • Create a Project site, Create a Team site.
  • Create a Blog site.
  • Manage the sites listed in the top link bar.