Course Code: 1010

WordPress Introduction

Class Dates:
1 Days
Class Time:


  • Course Overview
  • This course shows how to get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress 3.x and create feature-rich blogs and websites. Author Morten Rand-Hendriksen explains how to get a web host, set up a domain, and download, configure, and upload WordPress to your newly hosted site. The course then dives fully into the tools in WordPress, demonstrating how to set up your profile and create content to share with your web audience. The course also includes tutorials on everything from adding images, video, formatting, and links that make posts pop, to installing plugins, creating custom themes, and attracting readers with permalinks, social sharing, and more.


Course Details

  • Topics include:
  • Building and modifying a profile
  • Publishing posts and pages
  • Utilizing page templates
  • Inserting images, video, and other media
  • Working with themes
  • Understanding widgets
  • Creating child themes
  • Working with the Twenty Twelve theme
  • Setting up a site for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ensuring site security
  • Part 1. Starting Out with WordPress
  • 1. The WordPress Landscape
  • 2. Signing Up with
  • 3. Installing WordPress on Your Web Host
  • Part 2. Building a WordPress Blog
  • 4. Creating Posts
  • 5. Choosing and Polishing Your WordPress Theme
  • 6. Jazzing Up Your Posts
  • 7. Adding Pages and Menus
  • 8. Comments: Letting Your Readers Talk Back
  • Part 3. Supercharging Your Blog
  • 9. Getting New Features with Plug-Ins
  • 10. Adding Picture Galleries, Video, and Music
  • 11. Collaborating with Multiple Authors
  • 12. Attracting a Crowd
  • Part 4. From Blog to Website
  • 13. Editing Themes: The Key to Customizing Your Site
  • 14. Building an Advanced WordPress Site